I have extensive experience with delicate items such as art, props, sound & lighting equipment as I have been working for over 23 years in the events industry. I am also an expert loader/packer after many years of practice with bigger and bulky items. I have packing blankets and straps and am happy to do tip runs or drop to the charity shop of your choice.

I have a passion for organising and have been helping people declutter their homes and work spaces for many years now. I work together with my clients to put systems in place that create order, thus helping them become more productive and their life more functional.

If you need my skills, we can work together to sort and organise your world so that you feel free of clutter and unwanted or unneeded energy.

Although I am London based I am always willing to travel.

I am happy to chat on a call with you, to discuss your personal requirements as I completely understand that everyone is different and everyone's needs are different.

Professional organiser, decluttering, woman and van service.

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