Judy From Glastonbury

What Judy Says. November 2023

I was in the process of downsizing and needed help with disposing of furniture and general clutter.

I wasn't on any selling sites. Rachel responded promptly to the request I had put out on a neighbourhood app for help.  

She proved reliable, resourceful, efficient, responsive and kind. Despite a temporary crisis in her own personal circumstances she did not let me down. 

I am so pleased with the outcome and am really glad Rachel responded to my request .

I can highly recommend her .

Judy Scott. 

Psychotherapist (retired)

Glastonbury, SW England.

Suzie From Reading.

What Suzie says. May 2023

Rachel came to my house to help me with my hoarding issues. She was very gentle and did not force me to to throw anything away. Instead we decided to donate quite a few things to charity. Rachel helped with this, offering to do a run to my local charity shop. 

She was very understanding and had many good ideas about how I could deal with my house being full of stuff. She shared a few good tips of the trade with me that I use today. She gave me confidence and made me feel as though my hoarding wasn’t actually a problem but just work in progress. The things I couldn’t part with were then sorted and organised in such a way that I could access them when I needed to. After a few visits Rachel made sure that I was happy to move forward on my own. My house feels calmer and I am now able to deal with an area at a time on my own. I absolutely recommend Rachel to anyone who has more clutter that they can manage.

Suzy Hayze. 

Single Mum.


May 2023


Martin From London

What Martin says. Septemeber 2022.

I booked Rachel and her van to come and help me move a load of belongings from my lock up in West London. She was on time and her communication pre visit was great.

Once we had emptied a heap of goods into the van (very well packed I must add) she then offered her services to help me sort out the remainder of the items (as I was complaining about it all) it was all in a great big pickle. I am so glad that she helped me to do this. I was extremely disorganised and she seemed to have a natural way of sorting that I found fast, efficiant and now I can see and get to everything. Things were ordered and labled and it didnt take long at all. I took a few leaves from her book and have now got a grip on things. I was very impressed and happy to give her a reccomendation when she asked for one. 5 stars!

Martin From London. 

Park Royal.

September 2022

Professional organiser, decluttering, woman and van service.

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